There are many questions asked about Seasonal Concepts, but the one that keeps coming up is – “Where did the idea for Seasonal Concepts come from?”.

I have often wondered how best to tell this story?

Last year we had the good fortune of meeting Charbel Azar and Jessica Paraha from “ColourSock Productions” www.coloursock.com. The Coloursock team were looking to expand their creative juices beyond corporate videos. They loved our shop and thought that we had a story to tell?? “You bet we do!”. So began the exercise of capturing the story of Seasonal Concepts on film. I wrote the script!, once complete the Coloursock team and I were on the road and our collaboration has resulted in a short film titled “Ode to Flo!”

It was an emotional experience for myself. We ventured back to the house where I was born and a few of my childhood haunts!

I am very excited to have completed the film and even more excited to be able to share our story with you.

Click here to enjoy “Ode to Flo”



PS. “Thank you to all the Team at ColourSock Productions for making this possible!”