About The Shop

Seasonal Concepts opened its doors in 2009 and is the collaboration of Ken Wallis and his partner TR Keller.

Wallis and Keller initially wanted to create a florist unlike any other in Sydney. “We wanted to marry fresh in-season flowers with the contents of Grandma’s kitchen and Grandpa’s shed and present it with all the wonder that I experienced as a kid in the country,” says Ken.

The shop has a history as rich as its contents. The store was originally a two-storey Georgian style house built in 1856. Some of the house’s original features are still evident as you enter the shop from Redfern Street. In 1926 the backyard of the house was enclosed by an engineer and used as his workshop until the 1970s.

The workshop’s natural light is one of Seasonal Concept’s greatest assets – constantly changing throughout the day and changing with each season. The light alters the mood of the store daily and gives each customer a unique experience while in the shop.

The entrance to Seasonal Concepts may be unassuming but what’s inside is astounding!